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Advancements in technology for web design and development have left many businesses in desperate need of a website redesign.  Having a website should be an asset to your business and not a liability.  Here are 4 ways your outdated website is costing money:

  1. Losing business to competitors.  Every survey given always has the same result – users prefer to do business with companies who have up-to-date websites that work on mobile devices.  The tools users use and the technology that operates them is always evolving.  If your website does not meet the technological demands of your consumers your competitors will.
  2. Wasting time using old methods to maintain outdated websites.  Updating an old static HTML website is costly compared to new web technology that allows your website to be dynamic and easier to maintain.  What would take days or weeks of coding to complete and require coding expertise now takes minutes.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) penalties from Google.  Google is the number one search engine in the world.  It gives higher listing in search results to websites that are mobile-friendly and current.  No matter how great your product or service is no one will find it if Google does not list it in its search results.
  4. Security holes.  Hackers are always finding new ways to hack into websites and often find security holes.  An outdated website is vulnerable to hackers because it’s an easy target.  Hacked websites are penalized by Google in search results.  Additionally, browsers now warn users when they are visiting a hacked or malicious website.  Not only are potentially new customers unable to find you on Google but your returning customers who type in your address will leave and unlikely come back when they see your site has been hacked.

If your website is outdated a redesign is critical to the sustainment and growth of your business.  Gone are the days where customers opened the static pages of a phone book and flipped pages looking for a business.  Today customers use search engines and expect to find what they are looking for in seconds.  The first interaction a potential customer has with your business is your website.  Ensure that the experience meets the expectations of the modern consumer otherwise both Google and the customer will penalize you.

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